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Digital Preservation Policy

Facing the current needs of preservation of written and digital scientific production, the ENERGEIA Journal, as well as the Ibero-American Society of Economic Methodology, are developing a digital repository, which aims to store, manage, disseminate and preserve all digital documents of scientific production that are published.

Both organisations are committed to create the strategies, mechanisms and conditions necessary to achieve the objective of preservation, management and dissemination of all published scientific output, as well as to update the digital formats that are most appropriate to achieve these objectives.

Purpose and Framework

The present preservation policy seeks to generate preservation and open access strategies for all the scientific production published in ENERGEIA, including the structure of its collections, the format of the deposited archive and the metadata associated with each of them.

Derived from the main objective, the Journal of Local Public Economics Repository will seek to comply with the standards proposed in the NDSA Digital Preservation Levels (NDSA) by The International Council on Archives (ICA) and The International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (ICA-ITERPARES), which serve as a guide on the criteria and concrete actions for an optimal safeguarding of the information.

Document Management 

The ENERGEIA Repository is being developed based on the Greenstone 3.10 platform for the management and maintenance of its digital documents, software compatible with the OAI-PHM (Open Archive Initiative-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) interoperability protocol.

Document Description

All digital documents deposited in the repository will be described according to national and international schemes and standards, with the aim of enabling interoperability with other systems. The documents are described under the Dublin Core metadata standard, compatible with the OAI-PMH protocol,

Format and Conversion of Deposited Files

The ENERGEIA Repository seeks constant updating to more stable and more accessible formats, therefore, it is intended to convert to EPUB, XML and RTF extension files so that the community has greater access and the scientific production is more widely disseminated. 

Open and Continuous Access

The ENERGEIA Repository will generate the necessary monitoring mechanisms to verify that the versions of formats as well as their respective updates guarantee the accessibility of the files.

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