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Article Acceptance and Publication Process

Requirements for papers

The work to be accepted, it is insisted, must be original research, that it has not been published elsewhere, that it is not in a process of evaluation, that it is the product of original information and that the findings contribute to theoretical and practical knowledge.


Publication Process

Accepting the above point about the originality of the paper, the paper should proceed as follows:

i) The work must be completed following the guidelines for authors that are published on the web page;

ii) The paper is reviewed by the main Editor and if the Editor-in-Chief sees fit, he/she may make suggestions before sending it for peer review. Similarly, the Editor can guide the author to submit the paper to another journal or simply reject it. The Editor-in-Chief will rely on the editors, editorial board and other experts in the field (from national and international institutions) for the peer review of articles;

iii) Authors must automatically accept that the paper complies with the requirements in Paper Requirements;

iv) The paper is submitted for peer review. The evaluator may follow a guide to evaluate the work if he/she wishes. ( Evaluation Format );

v) The paper receives recommendations that must be followed if ENERGEIA's interest in publishing the paper is to be pursued;

vi) The paper is accepted if it meets the requirements of the peer review;

vii) The author(s) sign for acceptance and are sent a letter stating that their work will be published.


Publication process time

The time taken into account is from receipt of the paper and 3 months thereafter.


Peer review process

After the Editor decides to peer review the paper, it will take 3 to 6 weeks for peer review. The peer reviewers may have a guide to evaluate it or they will impose a personal criterion highlighting the formality and presentation of the work according to the guidelines of the journal, the contribution of the work to knowledge, the bibliographical update, the soundness and originality of the approach, the methodology used.


Letter of Assignment of Rights

The author and authors must sign a letter agreeing that in the evaluation process, they will ensure that the paper will not be submitted for peer review to another journal until the current review process is completed, and that this may take months.
Authors agree not to remove the paper from the peer review process for at least 3 months without prior notification.
The author or authors must sign the letter of assignment of rights once the work is accepted for publication, with which ENERGEIA becomes the holder of the exploitation rights of the contents.


Plagiarism Detection

What we have been doing to detect plagiarism is to consult the work (which is submitted for review) with the editors and members of the Editorial Board in cases where there may be doubts. By 2023 we will rely on platforms available on the web such as or


Preservation of archives and backups

ENERGEIA archives submissions received and published papers in its own databases and in databases with private companies.


Indexing, scientific production indicators

In the process of obtaining REDALyC index.

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