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Editorial Policy

ENERGEIA, is an academic journal that evaluates the works through a process where the editor intervenes and a strict peer process. Expected papers must be original and unpublished, and must not be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere.
ENERGEIA deals with topics of epistemology and methodology of the economic sciences. The works that are received must be works elaborated with academic, technological and historical rigor and must follow the editorial guidelines so that they can be admitted.
ENERGEIA also receives conjuncture and dossier papers, but they are also evaluated by peers and must also follow the journal's editorial guidelines.
ENERGEIA Receive jobs in the Spanish language. You can also receive jobs in English, Portuguese and French. Of these, the Spanish version would be available.
Publication is subject to editorial guidelines. Failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in the work not being reviewed. All documents must be sent to the address of the journal causing the corresponding acknowledgment of receipt to be generated.

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